Christmas Eve Candlelight Service

Sunday, December 24 at 6:00 pm
Pikes Peak MCC

During the Advent season, we have heard the stories of angel appearances heralding incredible news of the birth of a Messiah. These messengers didn’t appear to kings and rulers or courts or the privileged of society. They came to an old and barren couple, a young girl (barely a woman), a simple and humble man betrothed to her, and finally, to lowly shepherds on a hillside. They came to ordinary people. God worked through ordinary people and did extraordinary things. And so it is that God works through us every time we offer messages of hope, peace, joy, and love to an anxious world. We are called to fly in the face of fear–to be angels among us.

 Kids are always welcome in our services!

A Conversation with Brian McLaren

A Virtual Conversation
with Brian McLaren

January 30, 2018
7:00 pm
Pikes Peak MCC
$15 per person

Join Brian McLaren at Pikes Peak MCC for a live virtual conversation about his latest book The Great Spiritual Migration. In his book, he explores how the Christian story, from Genesis until now, is fundamentally about people on the move—outgrowing old, broken religious systems and embracing new, more redemptive ways of life. It’s time to move again. The Great Spiritual Migration argues that— notwithstanding the dire headlines about the demise of faith and drop in church attendance—Christian faith is not dying. Rather, it is embarking on a once-in-an-era spiritual shift. For millions, the journey has already begun. Drawing from his work as global activist, pastor, and public theologian, McLaren challenges readers to stop worrying, waiting, and indulging in nostalgia, and instead, to embrace the powerful new understandings that are reshaping the church. Bring your questions and curiosity to speak with one of the foremost leaders engaging the future of Christianity today.

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A Time of Meditation Starts Jan 3

Beginning Wednesdays, January 3 – February 28, 2018, from 6:30 – 7:30 pm, we will be offering a Time of Meditation at Pikes Peak MCC. This is a time to be together in silence. There is no agenda, and it’s not a class. It is a time for bringing all of who we are into a space of silence. A time for taking deep breaths, giving our inner being a time of peace. You do not need to know how to meditate to participate.

There are no materials needed for this meditation experience, but we do ask that everyone who wants to attend signs up in advance. Free and open to the public!

Denise Foerch, Pikes Peak MCC’s Spiritual Director, will be facilitating this Time of Meditation. For more information, please email Denise .