Does PPMCC perform weddings? Yes, our clergy are licensed and happy to perform weddings–both heterosexual and same-sex weddings.  We also perform non-legal commitment ceremonies that simply provide an opportunity for couples to promise to love each other for life without involving any legal documentation.

Who? Those wishing to make a commitment may be any persons, at least 18 years or older, in a relationship, wishing to publicly profess their love.

Why? Couples gain comfort and support in taking this step before family and friends and in knowing that their relationship is blessed by God.  Civil Unions also provide valuable legal protections to same-sex couples.

Legal? Weddings performed at MCC are legal.

Where? To make arrangements to use our beautiful facility, please contact us.  Weddings can also be performed virtually anywhere such as at a home, in the mountains, etc.  Additional fees may be required for mileage or other costs incurred.

When? A wedding can be scheduled most any time, dependent upon the availability of clergy.  Saturdays are the most popular day.  It is recommended that a couple plan their ceremony at least 3 to 6 months in advance.

How elaborate does it have to be? Some couples wish to have a very simple and brief ceremony; others elect to include attendants, family, special readings, and music.  All are equal in stature.  Each ceremony is uniquely planned during pre-ceremony meetings with our Pastor.

Are there costs for weddings? A quality occasion requires careful planning with the assistance of professional staff.  Therefore, there is a schedule of fees for staff services and donations for use of facilities.  The actual costs will vary depending on the type of service and its location.  Simply contact the church for more details.

What about enhancements? Flowers, photography, invitations, ushers, or any reception are the responsibility of the couple.  We will gladly offer suggestions or ideas to assist you.

How do we get started?

PPMCC will help you along each step of your ceremony planning to help make it as stress-free, smooth, and joyful as possible.  To get started, you should call the church office at 719.634.3771 and set up a meeting with the pastor.

Fees for Services

  • Pastoral Honorarium $250 (includes pre-ceremony counseling, rehearsal, and service; $100 due at first meeting)
  • PPMCC Sanctuary $175
  • PPMCC Social Hall $125
  • Cleaning Fee: Refundable $50 cleaning fee added to all rentals.
  • Administrative Fee $40
  • Sound Tech $50 (if church’s sound or visual equipment is to be used for service)
  • Visual Tech $50

May God bless you as you consider making this very important step in your life.  Should you have any further questions, please  contact us.

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