Book Study: “Convictions” by Marcus J. Borg

This Book Group will meet on the first and third Saturdays of the month. The next meeting will be on Saturday, May 6 at 10 am at Einstein’s Bagels (2848 N. Powers Blvd., Colorado Springs, Colorado 80922). 

On the occasion of his seventieth birthdy, the renowned scholar Marcus J. Borg shares how he formed his bedrock religious beliefs. He believes that Christians in America are at their best when they focus on hope and transformation and seeks to show how we can return to what really matters most. 

The result is a manifesto for all progressive Christians who seek a path for following Jesus in the 21st century. With each chapter embodying a distinct conviction, Borg writes provocatively and compellingly on the beliefs that can deeply ground and guide us. 

These include: God is real AND a mystery, salvation is more about this life than an afterlife, the Bible can be true without being literally true, Jesus’ death on the cross matters–but not because he paid for our sins, God is passionate about justice and poverty, and to love God is to love LIKE God. 

Join us even if you haven’t been before! All are welcome. Meeting is free. Please contact Jim Hawkins for any questions you have or for more information.