We welcome Rev. E. Francisco Danielsen-Morales Sunday, June 4!

Find Your Place and
You Will Find Your Voice

We are excited to have Rev. E. Francisco Danielsen-Morales, Ph.D. preach for us on Sunday, June 4 at our 10 am worship service. He will be preaching about the theme for the church retreat with his sermon, “Find Your Place and You Will Find Your Voice.”

About Rev. E. Francisco Danielsen-Morales, Ph.D.

The Rev. Edgard Francisco Danielsen-Morales, Ph.D. is the Assistant Pastor for Congregational Life at Metropolitan Community Church of New York. In this position his responsibilities cover a wide range of activities: from religious education to life development programs; from spiritual direction to preaching; from Bible queer reading and interpretation to lay leadership training, theological writing, as well as the usual responsibilities of pastors.

Born and raised in Puerto Rico, E. Francisco’s spiritual journey began in the American Baptist and Disciples of Christ (Charismatic) traditions. Because of his sexual orientation, his church stripped him of his lay ministry, and any future possibility of entering the ordination process.

On his vocational journey, E. Francisco has been blessed with a wide array of experiences in leadership positions. In the academic world, he held a tenured position as Full Professor of Physical Chemistry at the University of Puerto Rico for 16 years, as well as 6 years as Associate Dean for Graduate Studies. In religious settings, he has served as pastor in two different MCC, and previous to that had 4 years of work with the National Ecumenical Movement of Puerto Rico, and 3 years with Reencuentro, the first theological reflection group for and by GLBTQ people in Puerto Rico. The experience with these religious organizations opened his eyes to the ecumenical and interfaith world, its challenges and promise. In 1996 E. Francisco found his spiritual home in Metropolitan Community Churches where he reclaimed his call to the pastoral ministry. He was ordained in 2002 and began his pastoral work at ICM Cristo Sanador in San Juan, Puerto Rico.

After being called by MCC NY in 2004, he left behind his home church, and his position as a tenured Professor at the University of Puerto Rico, and moved to New York City where he currently lives.