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Our belief and our practice is that the Board of Directors are a reflection of our church’s membership.  The individuals serving on the Board of Directors are elected by the church to serve in a position of great importance and responsibility.  The Board of Directors has charge of all matters pertaining to the documents of legal organization and incorporation, church property, risk management, and physical and financial affairs of the church.  The Board of Directors is responsible for collecting and disbursing funds, keeping adequate church records, and making timely reports to the congregation and the denomination.

Current Board Members

 Jessica Kobylinski, Moderator

Jessica has been a member of Pikes Peak MCC (PPMCC) since 2015. She made the decision to join PPMCC to grow in her relationship with God and to connect to a community of individuals who are passionate about spiritual inclusivity and social justice.

Professionally Jessica has over 20 years’ experience providing social services to those living with HIV/AIDS and those at risk for HIV. Given her commitment to ending the HIV epidemic and fighting the unjust stigma felt by so many living with HIV/AIDS, she felt the need to give back to a spiritual community that has historically and continually stood beside those affected by HIV to offer unconditional spiritual nurturing and support.

Jessica’s primary joy is found in spending time with her family and friends. Along with her wife Amy, she enjoys spending time with their foster children and hosting events for friends and family in their home.

Denise Foerch, Vice-Moderator


Kristin Brown, Treasurer

Kristin was born and raised along the coast of Virginia. She graduated from Wheaton College in 2001, then served nine years in the United States Army.  Now she is a full-time RN at a local hospital.

Kristin is married to her wife VJ. They met while serving in Iraq in 2003 and have been together 15 years. She has been a member of MCCs since 2006 and of PPMCC since 2009. She joined the board of directors in December 2018 to be a reflection of and a voice for the PPMCC congregation. 

Kelly Wood, Clerk

Kelly grew up and went to High School in Seward, NE then on to Nebraska Wesleyan University in Lincoln, for undergrad. She worked in the printing industry for about 10 years in Omaha, NE before moving to Kansas City, MO to go to Cleveland Chiropractic College. Dr. Wood has lived in Colorado Springs for 25 years and is the mother of two grown children.  She has been a member of PPMCC for over 10 years. It is her pleasure and honor to now serve on the Board of Directors of PPCC. 

Polly Kelley

Role of the Board

The Board of Directors assumes the role of executor of the Bylaws. As such, some of the duties of the Board should include, but not be limited to:

  • Establish the church’s Standard Operating Procedures.
  • Prepare an annual operating budget for congregational approval.
  • Respect the confidentiality of certain discussions, decisions, and information.
  • Develop, along with the Pastor, a covenant between the Pastor and the church.  The covenant shall include a job description and address such matters as compensation that is consistent with equitable local standards, benefits, allowances, and leave.
  • Conduct the Annual Report and Audit.

Board Structure

The PPMCC Board of Directors consists six members, not including the Pastor who permanently sits on the Board.  Each member serves a three-year term, and two of the six Board positions are elected annually so that the seats on the Board are staggered.  There are no term limits for members.  Once the election of the Board has been completed by the congregation, an election of officers will be conducted at the first Board meeting of each year.

Board Responsibilities

Within the Board, representatives are required to abide by the protocols of church governance.

A Board member must:

  • Attend all church Board meetings; must attend on time and remain for the completion of the full agenda.
  • Respect the confidentiality of certain discussions, decisions and information.
  • Recognize that the Board Meeting is not a personal forum but an obligation to represent the congregation. Also, even though a Board member may disagree on a position or motion made by the Board, once it is passed, it becomes the ownership of the entire Board.
  • Develop, along with the Pastor, a covenant between the Pastor and the church. The covenant shall include a job description and address such matters as compensation that is consistent with equitable local standards, benefits, allowances, and leave. All provisions of the covenant shall be subordinate to the Bylaws of the UFMCC.
  • Conduct the Annual Report and Audit.

Lay Delegates

Based on PPMCC’s current size, we have two members who serve as Lay Delegates (each MCC congregation gets one delegate for every 100 members).  Our Lay Delegates are elected every three years at our annual Congregational Meeting following each General Conference of the MCC Denomination.

Duties of the Lay Delegates

The Lay Delegates represent the congregation by voting at MCC Denominational General Conferences and communicate with the congregation regarding denominational concerns and policies.

Current Lay Delegate:

John Morris

John has been a member of PPMCC since 2008.  He is a Colorado Springs native who teaches high school math in Rush, CO.  He graduated from the University of Northern Colorado in 2004 and from Texas A&M in 2015.  Prior to his current role as Lay Delegate, John has served as a member of the Board of Directors and as the head of the Tech team.
John enjoys sponsoring the National Honor Society and the Knowledge bowl teams at his school, spending time with his husband of over 10 years, Frank, and totally spoiling their dog Buster.