Olivia’s 50th Anniversary Cruise Women’s Group Travel Opportunity

February of 2023 will mark 50 golden years of Olivia. Let’s celebrate together with a group from PPMCC to travel together for this once in a lifetime opportunity. Olivia is planning the biggest celebration for their Golden L Anniversary.  Not only does the L represent the Roman numeral for 50, but it also represents so much of what Olivia stands for: from lesbian to liberation to love!

Olivia will be staying close to home with a voyage in the Caribbean from February 19 –  26, 2023, featuring wonderful beach stops in Turks and Caicos, St Thomas / St John’s, San Juan, Puerto Rico and our own private island Half Moon Bay, Bahamas. While onboard The Holland America ms. Nieuw Amsterdam cruise ship, we will be dazzled by the very best of entertainers, comedians, and speakers. We will have parties and special events – plus lots of surprises to make this the most extraordinary, historic and unforgettable journey for everyone on board!

Do you remember where you were when you first heard about Olivia, took your first trip, or listened to your first record? And felt what it was like to be truly free as a lesbian or bisexual woman? Imagine what it would feel like as we step onboard this extraordinary cruise, knowing we are a part of something we all created together over the past 50 years – our history rooted in a time when women took control of their own lives. Whatever trials you have gone through, whatever triumphs you have made, this is a time we can all celebrate as one. Whether you are just discovering Olivia for the first time or found them in 1973, let’s celebrate the company and our lives together on Olivia’s Golden L Anniversary Cruise!

If you book now before November 1, 2021, you will save $500.00 per person off the early bird price and get a free 10-month payment plan. The first payment will be 10% of your total cost for the trip and 10% of the remaining balance for the next 10 months. This special payment option makes it very affordable for most women.  Maybe you’re wondering what that price will include….  It will include accommodations for 8 days / 7 nights onboard, all meals including room service, gratuities, Olivia’s special 50th Anniversary entertainment and signature programming, and personalized Olivia staff assistance throughout your entire vacation.

This is the biggest entertainment lineup for an Olivia trip yet! Enjoy performances by the legendary Cris Williamson, original Olivia recording artist Linda Tillery, Therese Trull, Barbara Higbie, Mary Watkins, June Millington, Deidre McCalla, Diane Davidson, Lucy Blue Tremblay, Tret Fure; comedians Karen Williams, Suzanne Westenhoefer, Elvira Kurt, Lisa Koch, Roxanna Ward, Vicky Shaw, Diane Goldberg; music by Sweet Bay J’ai, Julie Wolf, Zoe Lewis, Alyson Palmer, Kofy Brown, Kate Cash; and dance parties with DJ Rockaway, DJ Christie James, and DJ Citizen Jane. Plus, special guests Irene Young, Colonel Grethe Cammermeyer, and Dr. Bonnie Morris. Olivia Travel Co-Founder Rachel Wahba. And, Olivia records founding members Judy Dlugacz, Jenna Woodul, Ginny Berson, and Kate Winter. More surprises will be announced as time gets closer to the trip.

I am organizing this travel opportunity for our church.  Please call or text me, Julia Wedemeyer, at: (719) 205-0359 if you have any questions or want to discuss anything further about this trip.  We will be putting together a roommate list for those traveling solo who don’t want the expense of paying for two tickets to have their own room.

Let’s make some magic happen together,

Julia Wedemeyer
Pikes Peak Metropolitan Community Church Congregational Care Team Lead

Donate Plastic Grocery Bags – Really!

Congregational Care Team Requests Plastic Grocery Bags To Create Plastic Mats for People Experiencing Homelessness

For those of you who don’t know this, I am an avid knitter and have been in weekly knitting groups since about 2005. My weekly knitting group that has just reestablished decided to do a social justice project to help people who are less fortunate during the pandemic. We are making plastic mats for people experiencing homelessness, to provide a water barrier and insulation to keep their bodies warm while sitting or sleeping on the ground.

It takes more than 700 plastic grocery bags to make the plarn (plastic yarn) that’s used to construct each mat. The plastic grocery bags are cut in a certain way and tied, to make balls of plarn for the projects. These mats are popular among people experiencing homelessness because they are also lightweight to be transported easily.  Each mat is made with an attached tie so it can be rolled up and carried.

So, if you’re wondering what you can do to recycle those pesky plastic bags that we all get at the grocery store, now’s your chance to make a difference.  Please collect them and deliver them to the church’s social hall, and I will distribute them to the knitting group members who are dedicated to making this social justice project happen. Thank you for your generous response so far!

If you are interested in helping out by crocheting or knitting mats, please contact me at 719-205-0359, and I can get you a pattern and instructions for making plarn. Your donation or help makes our work possible, and we thank you so very much.

My best to you always,

Julia WJulia Wedemeyer
PPMCC Congregational Care Team Lead
Vice-Moderator of the Board of Directors