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Spiritual Hero: Oscar Wilde, (1854—1900)

Oscar Wilde is a 19th-century Anglo-Irish writer whose reputation as a gay martyr and LGBTQ role model often overshadows his spiritual journey as a follower of Christ and Anglican convert to Catholicism.

Although he is better known as a forerunner of modern LGBTQ activism, the flamboyant and witty Wilde was also a spiritual seeker.  He loved church rituals and took Christ seriously, especially during and after prison. He identified with Jesus as a persecuted rebel artist with an individual vision, writing, “Christ’s place indeed is with the poets.” Wilde is best known for his ever-popular works “The Picture of Dorian Gray” and “The Importance of Being Earnest” — and his notorious imprisonment for homosexuality.

His lifelong flirtation with Catholicism ended with a flourish in a deathbed conversion. Wilde’s imprisonment for “gross indecency” stemmed from his relationship with Lord Alfred “Bosie” Douglas, the poet who famously wrote about their same-sex desire as “the love that dare not speak its name.”

But while in prison, Wilde wrote that Christ “took the entire world of the inarticulate, the voiceless world of pain, as his kingdom, and made of himself its external mouthpiece.” During his prison stay, Wilde wrote a book-length letter to Douglas revealing an understanding of Christ that is as radical, unorthodox, creative and profound as the writings of today’s queer theologians.

Excerpted with permission from an article by Rev. Kittredge Cherry, She is an author and retired MCC clergy who served as National Ecumenical Officer for MCC. (Image credit: Oscar Wilde, 1882. Photo by Napoleon Sarony.)


Annual Congregational Meeting: December 2nd

All are invited to PPMCC’s 2018 Annual Congregational meeting on Sunday, December 2nd, following the 10:00 AM Church service.   At the meeting there will be:

  • highlights from 2018
  • a review of the operating budget for 2019
  • a discussion on next steps with the MCC denomination
  • a member vote on assessment tithes to MCC
  • a member vote on two new board members.

Please review the related documents in preparation for the meeting:   the meeting’s Agenda, two new board members’ applications and the 2019 proposed operating budget.

These documents, as well as timely church events, were also sent out in our weekly newsletter.  If you’re not receiving it and would like to, please sign up here.

New Member Class: December 1st

The PPMCC Membership Class will be held Saturday, December 1st, 1:00-3:00pm.

Come find out more about Pikes Peak Metropolitan Community Church, meet others from the church, and learn how you can become more connected to the community.  (Attendance to the meeting does not require that you become a member of our church.)

Members officially join the church on Sunday, December 2nd.   Please sign up on the back table in the sanctuary, e-mail Bea in the office, or call the church office at 719-634-3771 to register.