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Connecting Through Music and Theatre

kyle music ministerKyle Jensen, Director of Music Ministries

As a church music director, my life can be separated into before Easter and after Easter.  Often, the “after Easter” gets forgotten until the “before Easter” is a fond, passing memory.  So when I sat down to write this article I thought: It’s ok!  I’ll just write reflections on In Remembrance and the Easter Season and everything will be fine!  Then Pastor Wes told me I wasn’t allowed to do that—”Focus on the future and what’s next!” he said—so now you’re going to get something new!

This Easter actually marked the 3rd anniversary of my leadership of the Music Ministry at PPMCC.  What a crazy three years it has been!  As I’ve reported in past articles my theology and spirituality has changed drastically.  In many ways, I’ve grown up here, and hopefully become a better leader, a better teacher, and a better friend.  Aside from my personal growth, this church has experienced a growing vibrancy and strength in every aspect—and in some special ways in the Music Ministry.

The As We Are (AWA) Praise Band may not have grown much in size, but it has in strength!  I am honored every week to be working along such talented members of our church!  The folks you see leading you in worship every Sunday are so passionate about the music and about sharing our message of God’s inclusive love and grace.  Over the past three years they have bonded (or perhaps I should say “connected”) and become an awesome team!  Now that we’re having our annual opening for new members of the praise band, it’s a great time to come and see what we’re all about and become a part of this little family inside the family of PPMCC.

The Appassionato Voices Choir…WOW!  The growth experienced by this group has been tremendous since its inception in October of 2010.  They are singing more varied and more complicated music as they continue to learn and grow musically.  Plus, BIG changes are coming to our choir program that I am very excited about (though not quite ready to announce) so stay tuned and start thinking about joining us!  We love seeing new faces who enjoy singing!

So much has happened in the last three years that I can’t wait to see what lies ahead!  The three elements of our music ministry are all leading boldly and powerfully: our choir, our praise team, and our theatre outreach program.  So today, take a moment to thank someone in the Music Ministry for all the time they volunteer to our church to make our worship powerful.

Every day we are helping this church live into its vision, and each of us uses the gifts God has given us to do that.  I am honored to be the Director of Music, given the responsibility to serve each of you by offering my gifts and talents, and I am truly grateful for all the ways that each of you minister to me with your love and Christ-likeness.  Thank God for our church family!

Retreat Is Only One Month Away!

Jackie Thompson, Retreat Coordinator

When Pastor Wes and I were brainstorming with Rev. Elder Ken Martin about the topic of our retreat, Ken brought up the fact that the retreat is scheduled just one week before the beginning of the Season of Pentecost.  This is a time of empowerment through the Holy Spirit, a time when we focus on how the Spirit enables the people of God to witness Jesus Christ.  This is a time to celebrate hope, because of our knowledge that God through the Holy Spirit is at work among us.

In the New Testament, Acts 2 tells of the Holy Spirit coming on the day of Pentecost, which is the 50th day after Jesus’ resurrection.  In the last days God said, “I will pour out my Spirit upon all people” (Acts 2:17).

All of this led to the creation of the theme for our retreat, “What Happens When the Spirit Comes? Connections!” based on Acts 2:1-21.  Rev. Elder Ken Martin divided this topic into four different sessions;

Session 1 – Introduction–Preparing for the Spirit to Come

Session 2 – Communication–A New Way of Connecting with Each Other

Session 3 – Diversity–A New Way of Connecting with God

Session 4 – Transformation–A New Way of Connecting with Self

In the limited space here I can’t even begin to try to give you my thoughts on what we may experience in these sessions at retreat, but I can say how excited I am to learn what Rev. Elder Ken Martin will bring to all of us. As you may be able to tell, I have been reading Acts and several other references to prepare myself for the weekend, and the more I read the more excited I am to learn deeper meanings and truths about connecting through the Spirit.  This is going to be such a powerful weekend of worship and a weekend of making connections that will remain with us a lifetime.

In addition to the sessions with Ken, there will be plenty of activities to choose from that will be of interest to everyone attending the retreat.  As it gets closer, we will be distributing more information for everyone to plan and prepare for the weekend.

Just as a reminder, final payment is due by next Sunday, April 29, 2012.

When you send your Spirit, new life is born to replenish all the living on the earth. – Psalm 104:30

Believing in Something BIG

Rev. Wes Mullins, Senior Pastor

pastor wes

This is the interesting thing about miracles:  Those who do not believe in them do not experience them.  Those who do believe can attest to the many miracles they have witnessed and experienced in their own lives and in the lives of those around them.

Doing the work of miracles requires belief.  If we are to claim the miracles God has for us as a congregation, we must believe that we can be a part of one; we must have faith in ourselves and in our God.  When we dare to dream big—as we do today—it is not so much a test of our ability, but it is a test of our faith.  Will you dare to place your trust in God?

This is a big and serious question.  Some of us have risked putting our faith in God or in a church before, and we were hurt by it.  For those with that experience, this is your chance to have your faith renewed.  This is God’s chance to show each one of us that while a church may occasionally fail us, God never will.  Scripture says that while we may be faithless, God will remain faithful.  Even if we don’t keep up our end of the bargain, the Spirit of God will never fail or falter.

Speaking of churches that disappoint, I also want to say that we are not that kind of church.  I am so proud of how healthy we have become as a community of faith.  Health is always a journey, so it is not as if we have arrived at some sort of “perfect healthy church” status, but we are doing most things right.  I firmly believe that our Board of Directors represents the healthiest church leadership that I have ever been a part of in my entire career.  This leadership team carries power very lightly, and refuses any kind of triangulation or temptation to talk behind someone’s back.  They lead with love and wisdom, and they are all genuinely committed to doing the best for our congregation.

Given our health as a church and the quality of our leadership, this is the perfect time to dream big and dare to make a miracle happen!

In this morning’s service, I will announce the miracle—the Something BIG—that your church leadership feels God has called us to do.  More than that, God hasn’t just called the leadership but our entire church to do this.  We cannot do it without all of you.

This will forever change the life and ministry of our church.  The possibilities are big as our dreams—as big as God—as long as we do it together.

So, this leads us back to the question from above…will you join with the Board and Staff and dare to “Dream Something BIG?”  Will you dare to hope for a miracle?  Will you place your trust in God to something amazing in this place?

The church leadership has, and I fervently pray and faithfully trust that you will, too!

(To see what the something BIG was that Pastor Wes announced that Sunday, click here.)