Gift Card Program

PPMCC Gift Card Fundraising Program

The Shopping Card Program is a “no-selling” fundraising program. You buy a gift card through the church, and the church receives a percentage of the proceeds. The percentage of the benefit that comes to the church varies from store to store, but generally, the percentage ranges from 2%-12%. So, for example, if you buy a $100 gift card to Home Depot, you get your $100 card, and the church gets $4.00 (4%) in dividends from the Scrip Program. It’s fundraising while you shop, and the gift cards are the same gift cards you would normally purchase from a retailer in your local stores. With over 500 of the country’s biggest brands, the Shopping Card Program has something to appeal to all families. You’ll find cards you can use at grocery stores, gas stations, restaurants, movie theaters, home improvement stores, and almost any business that accepts gift cards.

So, we encourage you to get involved in the Shopping Card Program as a way to raise money for the church while doing all the normal shopping you would each week. It is a win-win!

For more information on the Scrip Fundraising Program and a list of merchants who currently participate, please visit the Scrip website at or contact our Program Coordinator and Office Administrator, Shirley Lamontagne (719-634-3771).

Where do the funds go?

Great Question!!  All dividends earned by the Shopping Card Program go into our General Fund.