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Reflections on “In Remembrance 2012”

From the Cast of In Remembrance 2012

One of the great things about American Musical Theatre is its ability to express emotion in ways nothing else can.  While I am very proud of our original concept for this show, the music, and the script, the real power comes from the people playing the characters.  Unlike any previous year, we have created new characters and allowed our cast to make them their own.  So instead of telling you why I love this show, I have asked the cast to share their insights (below).  ~Kyle Jensen, Co-Director



Kevin Sullivan (Jesus):  Jesus spends this entire show torn between his own human emotions and needs and the greater good of humanity.   Especially during the Last Supper, I am struck by the fact that this struggle is relevant to any time period and how much we still  have to learn.



Kevin Rorke (Judas):  My favorite moment in this show has to be the betrayal scene.  I love Judas’ dark side…and the character change that occurs in him by the end of the show.  I was raised Catholic.  So I grew up with the stations of the cross during lent and Holy Week.  This is way more fun!



Kerrin Mullen (Mary):  So often shows like these have such a strong message of tragedy and shame.  What I have discovered is that this show isn’t like any other!  Instead of leaving us with despair, this show has a message of hope for all people.  And we could all use a little hope.



Mathieu Burton (Peter):  Last year as Judas I was really told what my character should and should not do.  This year I’ve been able to create my own Peter.  I am so emotionally attached to this show and I know you will be as well.



Siobhan Downey (Destiny):  The end of the show has always had a reverent “make you cry buckets” mood.  This year, Beth and Kyle were brave enough to go in a completely different direction.  I’m pretty stoked about the result and I have a feeling you will be too!  The show lives up to its tag line “There’s only one love in the end.”



Melanie Mahaffey (Valarie):  So many people spend their lives trying to figure out God’s will.  Every character in the show struggles with this concept as they try to figure out who this Jesus person really is.  Peter, for instance, is ready to take up arms and run head-first into the rebellion  because he thinks that’s what Jesus has come to do.  Instead we hear Jesus teach love.  I think God’s will is pretty simple.  Love each other.



Laura Starcher (Reporter):  I have wanted to be apart of this show for the last couple of years and I am so excited to be involved!  Its been so interesting being the one that tells the story.  It has given me a much different perspective on Jesus’ life.




Jarrett Rivera (Pod-Caster):  I have never looked at this story from this viewpoint.   I love seeing the different sides!  This is a fantastic show with an important message.


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