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A Future With Hope: Support PPMCC’s Ministry in 2022

Support the Mission and Ministry
of Pikes Peak MCC in 2022

If it’s good to be together, it must be bad to be apart.

And yet: the truth is that life has always been a rhythm of separation and togetherness, exile and return. We may prefer the “return” bit, the “bring you back to this place” bit, but that doesn’t mean separation isn’t part of the story. Experiences of separation are at least as old as our ancient faith stories of the Garden of Eden, the Israelites’ exile in Babylon, and the parable of the Prodigal Son. Jesus and his followers were separated by betrayal and death, and then reunited by forgiveness and newness of life. Even on our most “normal” days, our lives are a rhythm of gathering and dispersing, coming together and going apart, calls to worship and benedictions.

This past year has been another profound experience of this ancient pattern, and as challenging as it’s been, we can take solace in the knowledge that our ancestors in faith, too, experienced seasons of exile. And here’s the point: thanks to this history, over time our faith — and our church — has been built to help us live through such seasons with grace and hope.

During the past year, our church has been a sanctuary and refuge through the storms of pandemic life. We resumed in-person worship the week after Easter, and every Sunday since then we have welcomed new people. One family visited the Springs, drove by our building, saw our rainbow flags, and came back for Sunday worship. Our unique blend of spirituality and community still draws people to our community. Our vision for 2022 is to expand ways people can connect to our church beyond Sunday morning. We will be entering a year of spiritual renewal and rest as we journey with Pastor Alycia during her Sabbatical year. We received a grant of over $47,000 to support her sabbatical time, as well as programs and worship while she is away. We will explore how each of our spiritual journeys is a pilgrimage home to God’s loving embrace.

At our core, Pikes Peak MCC is a community of reunion, homecoming, and return. Now more than ever, in a time of exile, our congregation stands as a beacon of hope, welcome, and radical hospitality in a world full of loneliness, despair, and isolation.

With all of this in mind, we invite you to join us in giving thanks for all the resources — spiritual, theological, physical, and financial — that support our critical ministry. We invite you to fill out an estimate of giving through the online form below. If you would like to set up regular online giving, you may do so at Then be sure to join us for worship on December 19 as we celebrate all that God has gifted us, and look forward to God’s promise of “a future with hope.”


Pastor Alycia and the Board of Directors

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