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Believing in Something BIG

Rev. Wes Mullins, Senior Pastor

pastor wes

This is the interesting thing about miracles:  Those who do not believe in them do not experience them.  Those who do believe can attest to the many miracles they have witnessed and experienced in their own lives and in the lives of those around them.

Doing the work of miracles requires belief.  If we are to claim the miracles God has for us as a congregation, we must believe that we can be a part of one; we must have faith in ourselves and in our God.  When we dare to dream big—as we do today—it is not so much a test of our ability, but it is a test of our faith.  Will you dare to place your trust in God?

This is a big and serious question.  Some of us have risked putting our faith in God or in a church before, and we were hurt by it.  For those with that experience, this is your chance to have your faith renewed.  This is God’s chance to show each one of us that while a church may occasionally fail us, God never will.  Scripture says that while we may be faithless, God will remain faithful.  Even if we don’t keep up our end of the bargain, the Spirit of God will never fail or falter.

Speaking of churches that disappoint, I also want to say that we are not that kind of church.  I am so proud of how healthy we have become as a community of faith.  Health is always a journey, so it is not as if we have arrived at some sort of “perfect healthy church” status, but we are doing most things right.  I firmly believe that our Board of Directors represents the healthiest church leadership that I have ever been a part of in my entire career.  This leadership team carries power very lightly, and refuses any kind of triangulation or temptation to talk behind someone’s back.  They lead with love and wisdom, and they are all genuinely committed to doing the best for our congregation.

Given our health as a church and the quality of our leadership, this is the perfect time to dream big and dare to make a miracle happen!

In this morning’s service, I will announce the miracle—the Something BIG—that your church leadership feels God has called us to do.  More than that, God hasn’t just called the leadership but our entire church to do this.  We cannot do it without all of you.

This will forever change the life and ministry of our church.  The possibilities are big as our dreams—as big as God—as long as we do it together.

So, this leads us back to the question from above…will you join with the Board and Staff and dare to “Dream Something BIG?”  Will you dare to hope for a miracle?  Will you place your trust in God to something amazing in this place?

The church leadership has, and I fervently pray and faithfully trust that you will, too!

(To see what the something BIG was that Pastor Wes announced that Sunday, click here.)


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