Create a Facebook Birthday Fundraiser for PPMCC in 2022

Pledge To Create A Facebook Birthday Fundraiser Benefiting Pikes Peak MCC  in 2022

Julia Wedemeyer is looking for 24 people or thereabouts who want to do a Facebook Birthday Fundraiser for our church on your birthday month. She has set up a poll on the Pikes Peak MCC Group Facebook page and if you would like to do this please vote for the month that your birthday is in (her goal is at least two people per month or more) as well post in the comment section the date of your birthday. She will compile a list and get back in touch with folks who may have questions on how to set this up. She is also willing to help people who do not have a Facebook account to set one up specifically for this purpose. 

This past April, she set a Birthday Fundraiser on Facebook with a $200.00 goal, and she had to keep increasing her goal amount because so many family and friends were impressed by the mission and ministry of our church they were giving abundantly to her fundraiser. She was able to raise $1,521.00 for our church’s general fund. She thinks if we were able to have at least two people each month this would provide a financial stream to our church that is so greatly needed and appreciated right now and in the new year.

Thanks for your careful consideration of this new way to provide a financial stream of abundance for our church. If you have any questions, have trouble accessing our Facebook page to complete the process of signing up, and/or need assistance in setting up a Facebook account, please call or text Julia at (719) 205-0359.  (If you text her, please include your name in the text.)