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Finishing the Miracle on 21st Street Six Week Update

In just six weeks, we have already pledged 20% of our total goal, or $50,000!  Additionally, we have already put over $15,000 down on the principal of our loan!  This is tremendous progress, and we have saved thousands in interest!  I want to say a special thank you to all of you who have donated and pledged so far.

To everyone else—look at what we can do!  This is your chance to join with your brothers and sisters here at our church and leave a legacy.  The $50,000 that has already been pledged only represents 25% of our congregation.  Can you imagine what the numbers will look like when we have 50% of our congregation pledging gifts to Finish the Miracle on 21st Street? 90% of our congregation pledging?  That time is coming!

I know that all of us want this to happen.  As we talked about six weeks ago, this would mean $31,000 a year that would no longer be spent on our mortgage, but that we could instead spend on making our community better!  We are the only GLBT group in Colorado Springs with this kind of potential, and we have a responsibility to use the gifts God has given us to bless others.  It is because of this that many of the gifts that we have received for the Miracle are actually from community members who see the value of an investment made in our church.  What a blessing!

So, with four more weeks left until the official start of our two year campaign to retire the mortgage, I want to encourage you once again to join with the folks sitting around you in church and make your pledge.  Pledge forms are available at the back of the sanctuary today.  Let’s see how much further we can go…all before our program even really starts!

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