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Living in the Moment and Making Connections

Jackie Thompson, Retreat Coordinator

Recently I returned home from a family vacation in Las Vegas, the town that never sleeps.  On the plane home everyone was sharing what a good time they had but they were so tired they would need to sleep a week just to get caught up and feel rested.  I however, was feeling very well rested and re-energized because I was able to sleep.  My daughter commented, “Only you Mom could be in a town that never sleeps and get a good night sleep every night we were there”.

As I began sharing my trip with friends, I mentioned how much fun I had and how I had caught up on my sleep and felt very well rested.  People started asking me what was so different.  I started thinking about what was really happening, why my mind was able to shut down allowing me a good nights rest.  I concluded it was a combination of things.

There was lots of walking, no cell phone service which disconnected me from my life here in Colorado Springs, and most importantly “being in the moment”.  This is what allowed me to be open and available to take in each moment with my husband, daughter, and son-in-law.  Some of you know, for me, “being in the moment” is very difficult.  I am a doer, therefore its hard for me to just be.

After returning home, our small group met for the first time since forming at the retreat. One of the questions asked during our gathering was, “What did you take away from the experiences you had at retreat?”  My little piece of the puzzle that I brought home represents “being in the moment”.  I was able to experience what was happening while it was happening allowing me to make new and deeper connections with people.

When you allow yourself to experience “being in the moment” you become open and vulnerable to really feel experiences. You allow things to happen like being touched by the Spirit.  We all agreed the Spirit was definitely present during retreat weekend.  My goal is to live more in the moment, be vulnerable and allow myself to experience life on a deeper, more meaningful level.

In the next few weeks, we will be posting a list of the small groups for anyone that did not attend retreat but would like to join a group.  I encourage everyone to join a small group and connect with others in a way that allows all of us to live in the moment.


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