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Pastoral Search Update

Michael DuplanMichael Duplan, Moderator Board of Directors

It has now been eight weeks since Pastor Wes went to St. Louis.  Our eyes are a little dryer now as we all adjust to his departure in our own ways.  We still pray every day that God blesses him, Kevin, and the St. Louis congregation as they begin a new chapter in their lives.  Here at PPMCC we have four great things to share with you!

First, we had two awesome Sunday messages delivered by Angie Prochnow and Julia Lawrence.  We can’t thank them enough for the words they shared, the hearts they touched, and all the other things they do for our church every single week.  God bless you both!

Second, Rev. Diane Martin delivered her first sermon to us on Sunday, December 1.  She has now began working 20 hours per week in the office as our new Gap Pastor.  A Gap Pastor is the one who helps us while we’re waiting for our Interim Pastor.  We’re so excited and thankful that Diane is here to help during this time!  Please keep her and her husband, Nathan, in your prayers and keep showing them how much we love them!

Third, while we will certainly enjoy the time Diane is with us, we’ll continue working to find an Interim Pastor who will lead us from February until we find our new Permanent Pastor.  MCC is engaged helping us search for an available Interim Pastor, and we’ll keep you updated on our progress in the coming weeks.

And finally fourth, we’ve now got our Transition Team assigned!  The Transition Team is responsible for preparing us to begin the Pastoral Search.  We’re very excited and thankful for the following six people who have accepted invitations to join this special team: Michelle Loretan, Jackie Thompson, Julia Lawrence, Shirley Lamontagne, Matthew Keist, and Jared Ellis.  Over the next three months, they’ll be preparing transition plans, assessing the state and health of our church, completing a readiness survey provided by MCC, and preparing the profile that we’ll use to start searching for our new permanent pastor.  You’ll be hearing from the Transition Team shortly as they engage everyone in various transition activities.

One thing that has been really obvious the past two months is that our church is way more than a building.  It’s way more than a Pastor and it is more than a Board of Directors.  It’s all of us – all the people who come here on Sunday, participate in various church events, and give of their time, money, and talents to help our church be a messenger for God.  We, are PPMCC and I thank God every day that I get to be part of this great church.  God bless you all!


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