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Reflection on Advent

Denise Foerch Spiritual DirectorDenise Foerch, Spiritual Director

As a child, I loved the magic of Christmas!  Reindeer could fly, and one of them was named Rudolph and he had a very shiny nose!  Santa came down the chimney and left presents (and it didn’t matter if you didn’t have a fireplace – Santa was magical. He didn’t need a fireplace).  Frosty the Snowman came alive.  I loved the smell of our Christmas tree with lights and shiny ornaments.  Christmas songs were sung everywhere you went.  Angels appeared in the sky and sang to shepherds.  Baby Jesus was born.  Three wise men followed a shining star to bring gifts to this special baby.  There was nothing logical about Christmas back then, and there isn’t now.  And that’s what makes it a season I love.

As an adult, who has done her share of doubting and not believing, of reading beyond her comfort zone to understand the beliefs of others, as well as discovering the unbelievable largeness of God’s heart that embraces all people, I still believe in the mystery of the birth of Jesus.  I still believe that Jesus was God in human form, with human feelings and limitations— a human being, with the heart of the Divine.  I no longer have a need to pick apart the events of what happened.  It doesn’t matter to me that it’s not logical.  I’ve lived life long enough (I can’t believe I’m old enough to say that!), that I know what really matters to me.  Jesus was a part of God’s continual attempt to connect with humanity.

‘Timeless One steps into time – who could dream of such a thing.’  Christmas, to me, is a reminder of the wonder and mystery of how much God wants to connect with us.  All of us, all of the time. Connecting with God is both an intellectual and spiritual journey.  Our intellect wants to understand, and yet eventually, it will be our hearts, our inner being that reaches out to receive the connection God desires.

Advent seems to be a time when my heart breathes a sigh of relief, relaxing in the joy of believing.  Believing that with the power of God’s love anything can happen.  Believing that God will go to any lengths to connect with you and me.  Would you really want that kind of love to be logical?

Son of God, love divine
Timeless One steps into time
Who could dream of such a thing
With us now, the King of Kings
Men and Angels bow and sing
God is with us, Emmanuel, God is with us.

Michael W. Smith’s,  It’s a Wonderful Christmas


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