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Spiritual Direction

Denise Foerch Spiritual DirectorDenise Foerch, Spiritual Director

I want to take this opportunity to share with you how much I enjoy being your Spiritual Director.  I love being able to remind you how much you are loved by God each time I pray with you, serve communion, lead a Spiritual Direction Group, or spend time with you on your individual journey.

The concept of Spiritual Direction is not always understood.  It often doesn’t seem to be a necessary thing—after all we have the Pastor to do that for us.  And it’s true that until recently, most pastors were the only ones considered “qualified” to give Spiritual Direction.   It was new to me as well until I took a two-year Spiritual Formation Course at Benet Hill Monastery.  For those years, I did my own spiritual inner work, and by the end, I knew how important it would be for others to have someone to listen to them, pray with them, and encourage and support them while they were discovering their own faith and Spirit journey.

So, what happens in Spiritual Direction?  If you’re meeting with me individually, it’s your choice what we do.  You bring to me what you need, and then together we’ll figure out how to meet that need.  You may not be coming for answers.  You may need to talk or share your thoughts, so you can better understand what your feeling/thinking.  I try not to give answers, because it’s much more powerful when you can make the discovery yourself.  Maybe you want to learn different ways of meditating, or praying, or just being with God.  We look at different options, and try them together so you can see what is comfortable for you.  For myself, I find that being with my Spiritual Director meets the need for just “being.”  I believe the greatest gift I can give you is to create a safe and comfortable space that gives you the freedom to explore and discover your own unique spirituality.  If this sounds like something that would fit your needs please contact me at

Another option is to be a part of a Spiritual Direction Group. These group sessions are more structured so that sharing and learning happens.  I facilitate the group, but the people in the group spiritually direct one another.  One group meets on the first and third Thursday of each month; the other group meets on the second Saturday of each month.  Whether group or individual Spiritual Direction, we learn from one another.  Our faith paths are different and very important in helping us navigate through life.  I would love to be one of your companions on your path.  Remember, you don’t have to walk alone.


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