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Trying Something New

Wes Head ShotWes Mullins, Senior Pastor

Both this Sunday and next Sunday we will be “test driving” a new service structure for our Sunday morning services.  Much of what we expect from worship at PPMCC remains, but in a new (and hopefully) more dynamic order of worship.  The staff has been working on this new structure in conversations and planning sessions for over two years.  We have debated every decision and tried to really listen to where we think God is leading, where we believe our talents will be best used for our shared worship, and where we feel you, as the congregation, seem to be most engaged.

I hope that you will provide us with your feedback, helpful suggestions, and even criticism—loving criticism!  Even after two years, we do not believe that what we have created is “perfect.”  I don’t really know that a “perfect worship service” is the goal or even possible.  Instead, we want to offer worship that is fulfilling, uplifting, challenging, and, most importantly, a blessing to all who visit us or call PPMCC home.

To help address some questions you may have about the reasons for the worship service structure, I want to offer a quick explanation.  All of the adjustments are a result of two major influencing factors.  First, for over two years now, our service times have been getting longer.  While we once had a 60 minute service, we now regularly have a 75 minute service, sometimes even longer.  So, many of the changes are designed to reduce time and, hopefully, allow more opportunities for folks to remain here at the church for fellowship before departing for lunch or other Sunday afternoon activities.  Secondly, with the departure of Kyle Jensen back in May, the demands on the other pianists in our church have risen dramatically.  This new structure is also designed to reduce our dependence on our pianists.  This new service can be done with a variety of different musicians leading us in worship.

We are taking an informal and very short survey each Sunday of the “test drive.”  I want to encourage you to take a few moments to offer your feedback, as the survey responses will directly impact the decisions the staff will be making regarding the future of our Sunday morning worship services.  Thank you for helping us maintain our vision of having “an inclusive and uplifting church!”


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