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*UPDATED* Bible Reading Plan for New Testament

After our recent experience reading the Hebrew Bible, I have decided to re-arrange the order in which we read the New Testament. The order in which the books are printed in our Bibles is not based on when they were actually written. That got rather confusing as we made our way through the Hebrew Bible. So I thought we might try something a little different. There is broad scholarly consensus about when (approximately) various books of the New Testament were written. In his book, “Evolution of the Word,” Marcus Borg has offered us a version of the New Testament printed in chronological order. I have revised our reading schedule and here is a link to it. It will be a different way to read the New Testament. I hope it will offer us new insights and help us better understand the development of the earliest Christian communities and theologies.

This is a great time to consider joining us for our weekly Wednesday evening Bible Study at 6 pm MST on Zoom. My sister, Anna-Lisa Hunter, is a pastor in Wisconsin, and we join with her church for a joint Bible study together. It has been a rich space for spiritual reflection and growth. Join us any week, even if you haven’t been able to do the reading.

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