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Welcome New Intern: John Case

We are grateful that we will be working with John Case this year, a seminary student at IIiff School of Theology and Clergy-in-Care with MCC. He will join us one Sunday per month for worship and work on various projects during his internship this year.

John Case is father of 3 sons with his wife of 40+ years. He has been a public school teacher, a foundry quality technician, and worked 20+ years of his 34 year career in IBM as customer and technical support in their disaster recovery division. John has been involved at various levels with local and state organizations performing education, support, and advocacy of the LGBT+ community and their families and surrounding community. He is both an ally and a member of this community and is working to widen his capability by pursuing a Masters of Divinity at Iliff School of Theology with a certificate in Social Justice. John is now officially “In Care” with the UFMCC working toward ordination.


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