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Do Unto Others

Do Unto Others is a vital ministry of our church. They oversee our service and social justice work. Through their work, we volunteer with Habitat for Humanity, Inside/Out Youth Services, feed the homeless, provide Christmas gifts for needy families, and much more.

Contact Ministry Leader: Trudy Welsh

Events Team

This team has all the fun! They creatively plan and oversee all of our social events throughout the year. This includes everything from simple pot lucks to tubing and bowling. This team is very popular and is always open to new people, new ideas, and fresh energy!

Prayer Team

Our Prayer Team is a confidential way for you to ask for prayer for events occurring in your life. This web-based team works using email to pass along prayer requests from church members and visitors to our website. If you have concerns that need prayer, you may submit a prayer request online by clicking here.

Contact Ministry Leader: Mike Duplan

Hospitality Team

Our hospitality team ensures that no church eats like our church! They coordinate snacks, drinks, and often meals for the congregation to enjoy following Sunday morning worship. Come learn more or join this ministry team and put your cooking skills to work.

Greeter/Usher Team

Our Greeters/Ushers Team makes sure that everything goes smoothly during worship on Sunday morning. These are often the first folks you will meet on Sunday as they welcome you to our church and hand you a bulletin. They also help guide us all through worship by guiding us during our offering and during Communion.

Contact Ministry Leader:  Anthony Grimaldo

Sound Team

The Sound Team members are our trained sound board operators who ensure that we can hear everything on Sunday mornings for worship. If you have interest in learning about sound boards, mixers, and other equipment, this can be a fun team to join. We encourage you to learn more.

 Contact Ministry Leader: AJ Cornett

Tech Team

Our Tech Team designs and runs all video elements of our Sunday Services. They use programs designed for worship services that make the process easy and fun. If you are interested in computers, this can be a great ministry for you. 

 Contact Ministry Leader: John Morris

Music Ministry

Music is a huge part of our church’s ministry and a focus of our energy. We want to make worship a powerful experience that helps people connect with God.  The Music Ministry team is made up of a group of talented individuals that together, as a team, facilitate inclusive worship by using a multitude of different styles and genres. We celebrate diversity and inclusive spirituality with one another, with our church and with our community.

Congregational Care Team

Learn more about the ministry of the Congregational Care Team here.

Congregational Care Team Leader: Julia Wedemeyer

Board of Directors

Though some would say it doesn’t seem like ministry, being a member of the Board of Directors is a ministry and a calling. Those on our Board of Directors help to guide the Pastor and other church leaders as we continue to serve our community and become the church God has called us to be. For more information about the Board and the work they do to keep our church running, click here.

Contact Board Moderator: Jackie Grabbert

Lay Delegate

Lay Delegates are representatives of our church who attend denominational gatherings on behalf of our congregation. They also keep our congregation up-to-date on programs and initiatives that the MCC Denomination is working on. For more information about our Lay Delegates, click here.  For more information about our denomination, click here.