Congregational Care Team

The Congregational Care Team at Pikes Peak Metropolitan Community Church exists to respond to the needs for spiritual care for its members, friends, and their families. The spiritual care the team provides is confidential and responsive to meet a variety of concerns and situations. When such life or faith struggles occur, many people find comfort in having a companion who is safe, non-judgmental and empathic. Such a companion may be a congregational care provider: one called to a ministry of “being Christ” with another–even through times when God seems absent or distant. PPMCC’s Congregational Care Team seeks to offer a ministry of presence, working within the context of church to develop the most helpful way to respond to someone’s need.

Our pastor, Rev. Alycia Erickson, will always be on the front lines of care, especially during times of crisis. But there are times when someone needs more care than one pastor can effectively meet by themselves. While members of the Team are able to visit people on behalf of the pastor, they are accountable to the pastor and do not share any information with anyone else except when given permission by the care receiver.

Our Congregational Care Team can provide the following kinds of support:
  • Support & Encouragement Ministry: during the stress and loss which so often accompanies life’s major crises and transitions, like death of a loved one, an illness or the loss of a significant relationship.
  • Visitation Ministry: at home and within hospital or care facilities, Team member s can provide one-to-one visitation, offer communion, prayer, and anointing of the sick.
  • Grief Ministry: prayer and reflection for those grieving the loss of a loved one.
  • Organize a few meals for someone after surgery, during a serious illness, or after the death of a loved one.

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