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Greeter/Usher Team

What is the Greeter/Usher Team?

The Greeter/Usher Team is a very important ministry at PPMCC. This team’s primary focus is customer service—or better, radical welcome—for all worship services. Members of the team greet everyone who enters the church, introduce new visitors to others in the congregation, assist people in finding a place to sit, pass the offering plates, and guides the congregation during communion. Who is on the Greeter/Usher Team?

Anyone can be a member of the Greeter/Usher Team if they are able to commit to four things: (1) serve on the team one or two times per month, (2) arrive at the church on time on the days scheduled, (3) find a replacement if you cannot be in church on a date you previously agreed to participate, and (4) communicate with the team leader if you discover, at the last minute, that you won’t be able to be in church on your scheduled day. That’s all there is to it!

Why is the Greeter/Usher Team Important?

As a Greeter, you will likely be the first person everyone sees when they enter the church. For first-time visitors, the greeter function of the team is vital. Think back to a time when you were entering a school, job, or church for the first time. You may not have known anyone but when someone with a friendly face and a warm greeting made you feel welcome and introduced you to other people, it made all the difference. For regular attendees the greeter is important because a smiling face and a warm hug or handshake creates a welcoming atmosphere where everyone can be lifted up.

How Does the Greeter/Usher Team Work?

Team members arrive at the scheduled time and some greet while one attends the pre-worship meeting in the pastor’s office. During the service, the most visible duties of the ushers are to pass the collection plates and to direct the congregation to the communion table. Periodically, there will be team get-togethers to check in with each other and to go over anything that may be of interest to the team. These will usually be on a Sunday immediately following the worship service.

Email Anthony, our ministry leader, with any of your questions.

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