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What is the Tech Team?

The Tech Team is the team that puts all the visual items on the projectors for the congregation to see during the service. We put the slide shows together for the readings and make sure all words for the songs are on the screen. We also play the videos for special occasions. The Tech Team coordinates with the Sound Team to make sure we have a smooth-running worship.

Do I need a computer degree to join the Tech Team?

Absolutely not! Do you know how to browse the internet? Do you know how to use PowerPoint? Then you have what it takes to be on the Tech Team. We use a simple program called Easy Worship to display the songs on the screen. We use PowerPoint for the readings. Easy Worship keeps them in order for us and all you have to do is click a button when the time is right.

Why is the Tech Team important?

Why don’t we just use the bulletin, you ask? For one thing, as colorful and well arranged as it is, the bulletin cannot change once it is printed. And we do not yet have the technology to put videos in the bulletin! On the screen, the Tech Team keeps the service moving and fluid. We are also able to put last minute changes on the screen even if they are wrong in the Outreach. And we all know that sometimes those videos just make the sermon.

Contact our Tech Team Leader John Morris with any of your questions.