Spiritual Hero ~ Rev. Dr. Jacquelyn Grant (1948 – )

Jacquelyn Grant  is an African-American professor, theologian, author, and one of the founding developers of womanist theology. She is currently the Callaway Professor of Systematic Theology at the Interdenominational Theological Center in Atlanta.

Grant has written the notable White Women’s Christ and Black Women’s Jesus: Feminist Christology and Womanist Response. Through her Black Women in Ministerial Leadership Program, Grant continues to serve as director and professor mentoring numerous Black women.

Grant was born December 19, 1948 in Georgetown, South Carolina. She always had an interest in religion, attending Catholic school at a young age, and graduating from the local Howard High School in 1966. A graduate of Bennett College and Turner Theological Seminary, she became the first black woman to earn a doctoral degree in systematic theology at Union Theological Seminary.

In 1977, Grant became involved with Harvard Divinity School’s Women’s Research Program and with her involvement, it led to the creation of the Women’s Studies in Religion Program in which she remained for two years. In 1981, she founded the Center for Black Women in Church and Society at the Interdenominational Theological Center in Atlanta. She was assistant minister at Flipper Temple African Methodist Episcopal Church, and later the Victory African Methodist Episcopal Church in Atlanta. She is widowed to Reverend John Collier Jr., and now resides in Atlanta.