New Class in 2018: “Saving Jesus”

Ever feel Jesus has been kidnapped by the Christian Right and discarded by the Secular Left? Saving Jesus is a 12-session DVD-based small group exploration of a credible Jesus for the third millennium. Contributors to this series include Brian McLaren, Diana Butler Bass, and Robin Meyers join Marcus Borg, Walter Brueggemann, John Dominic Crossan, Matthew Fox, Amy-Jill Levine, and a host of others as they engage conversation around the relevance of Jesus for today.

These small group discussions will be facilitated by Jim (Hawk) Hawkins. Sessions will be every 3rd Saturday beginning January 20th. Each session will begin at 10:30 am at Pikes Peak MCC (Fellowship Hall). You can email Hawk  for more information. A $25 donation is requested to cover printing costs and other materials for the class. This group is open to the public.

Session 1: Introduction—Jesus Through the Ages
Session 2: Who was Jesus?
Session 3: What can We Know About Jesus (and How)?
Session 4: The World Into Which Jesus Was Born
Session 5: Jesus’ Birth—Incarnation
Session 6: Teachings of Jesus—Wisdom Tradition
Session 7: Jesus’ Program—The Kingdom of God
Session 8: Jesus’ Life—Model for Discipleship
Session 9: Killing Jesus, Part One—Who Killed Jesus?
Session 10: Killing Jesus, Part Two—The Atonement
Session 11: The Resurrection of Christ
Session 12: Why Jesus Is Worth Saving

Watch a clip from one of the sessions: