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A Pastoral Response to This Week’s Politics

Rev. Wes Mullins, Senior Pastor

pastor wes

Last Tuesday, many lashed out in anger after North Carolina became the 30th state to ban gay marriage and a select few Colorado Republicans blocked the sure passage of civil unions in our state­­—all of that in one day. Then, while many were still drafting angry letters and Facebook posts, events shifted again, and there was a resurgence of hope. At the time of this writing, it is still unclear what will become of civil unions in Colorado. What I do know deeply is that Christ works for justice and that it will come in time. We cannot be lazy or apathetic about the future, and we must also remember to take all setbacks as just that—a setback, an opportunity to adjust course and to give it another go.

While I completely understand the anger that was expressed this week, I believe we must look to the example of Christ and learn to properly channel that anger toward justice and love. Jesus lived in a world filled with injustice and hatred. The kinds of feelings we have experienced are feelings that Jesus almost certainly faced. As the epitome of compassion, no one has ever felt more empathy for others than Christ—in fact, feeling what it is like to be human was a large part of Jesus’ purpose in becoming the Incarnate One.

Many of you know that I am an avid water-skier and boater (as much as I can be without actually owning a boat!). When you are driving a boat with a skier who is in the water preparing to ski, you are a large part of their success or failure. If you gun the engine too hard, you risk hurting them or jerking the ski rope right out of their hands. If you start off too slowly, they will drag in the water too long and eventually fail due to fatigue. Furthermore, your course matters greatly. If you begin to pull them to one side or the other as they are first standing up, they will fall to that side. It is important that you, as the driver, set a very straight course until they are completely up and on top of the water.

Working for justice is a lot like pulling a skier out of the water. Gun it too hard, and you risk damaging the cause; if you don’t pull hard enough, then you might end up exhausting everyone. You have to set the perfect course and do everything just right. Sound hard? Yes, well, in fact, it often takes experienced water-skiers a couple of tries. Likewise, justice takes multiple efforts and the confluence of several factors all going just right.

I firmly believe that God is at work in all of this, but there are lessons to be learned and lives to be changed along the way. I pray that by the time you read this, we will be one step closer to civil unions in Colorado. But, even if it looks as though we have taken several steps backward like the recent events that have unfolded in North Carolina, remember that God is going to circle around in the boat, we will grab that ski rope once again and give it another go. And who except God knows if our next try might just be our last?

So I say to you today, live with the compassionate heart of Christ even as we work, pray, and hope for justice to come. Give it another go, all the while placing your trust in God.

Visio Divina

Denise Foerch Spiritual DirectorDenise Foerch, PPMCC Spiritual Director


I have recently been introduced to Visio Divina (Latin for ‘divine seeing’).  Some of you may know or have heard of Lectio Divina—which is praying with Scripture.  Visio Divina is a method for praying with images or other media.   I thought I would use this article to give you an opportunity to try this kind of prayer.




When you are ready, begin looking at the image below, taking your time to let feelings and thoughts come to you as you take in forms, figures, colors, lines, textures, and shapes. What does it look like, or remind you of? What do you find yourself drawn to? What do you like and not like? What are your initial thoughts? What feelings are evoked?



The initial stage of your prayer is to notice your responses without judgment or evaluation.  Simply acknowledge that this is how you are responding.   If you have an initial response, acknowledge it, but stay open to the possibility of receiving more as you continue looking at the image.  The nature of this prayer is that you stay with the image until you feel you have gotten what you were meant to receive, or see within yourself.   I would love to hear what your experience was like—so share with me.


Connecting Through Music and Theatre

kyle music ministerKyle Jensen, Director of Music Ministries

As a church music director, my life can be separated into before Easter and after Easter.  Often, the “after Easter” gets forgotten until the “before Easter” is a fond, passing memory.  So when I sat down to write this article I thought: It’s ok!  I’ll just write reflections on In Remembrance and the Easter Season and everything will be fine!  Then Pastor Wes told me I wasn’t allowed to do that—”Focus on the future and what’s next!” he said—so now you’re going to get something new!

This Easter actually marked the 3rd anniversary of my leadership of the Music Ministry at PPMCC.  What a crazy three years it has been!  As I’ve reported in past articles my theology and spirituality has changed drastically.  In many ways, I’ve grown up here, and hopefully become a better leader, a better teacher, and a better friend.  Aside from my personal growth, this church has experienced a growing vibrancy and strength in every aspect—and in some special ways in the Music Ministry.

The As We Are (AWA) Praise Band may not have grown much in size, but it has in strength!  I am honored every week to be working along such talented members of our church!  The folks you see leading you in worship every Sunday are so passionate about the music and about sharing our message of God’s inclusive love and grace.  Over the past three years they have bonded (or perhaps I should say “connected”) and become an awesome team!  Now that we’re having our annual opening for new members of the praise band, it’s a great time to come and see what we’re all about and become a part of this little family inside the family of PPMCC.

The Appassionato Voices Choir…WOW!  The growth experienced by this group has been tremendous since its inception in October of 2010.  They are singing more varied and more complicated music as they continue to learn and grow musically.  Plus, BIG changes are coming to our choir program that I am very excited about (though not quite ready to announce) so stay tuned and start thinking about joining us!  We love seeing new faces who enjoy singing!

So much has happened in the last three years that I can’t wait to see what lies ahead!  The three elements of our music ministry are all leading boldly and powerfully: our choir, our praise team, and our theatre outreach program.  So today, take a moment to thank someone in the Music Ministry for all the time they volunteer to our church to make our worship powerful.

Every day we are helping this church live into its vision, and each of us uses the gifts God has given us to do that.  I am honored to be the Director of Music, given the responsibility to serve each of you by offering my gifts and talents, and I am truly grateful for all the ways that each of you minister to me with your love and Christ-likeness.  Thank God for our church family!