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Pikes Peak Metropolitan Community Church and our Pastor are always honored when we are asked to enter into people’s lives in times of grief and loss. It is in these dark times that we are blessed to be able to support you and your family, providing consolation, a listening ear, and words of hope and reassurance.

If you choose to have a funeral or memorial service here at PPMCC, the first step is to call and reserve the sanctuary. If you wish to have Pastor Alycia conduct the service, please contact her to ensure she is available. She will set a time to come and meet with you, discuss the service, and learn about your loved one (if she doesn’t already know them). This is generally a time that most family members and friends appreciate as it is often spent thinking of fond memories and sharing the best about the person you lost. At that meeting, Pastor Alycia will explain options for the service, and then take responsibility for planning the service. Pastor Alycia is committed to creating a unique services that honors your loved one, no matter their gender identity, sexual orientation, or who they were in life. Everyone deserves to have a loving service.

Many wonder about costs for the funeral. Generally, the costs are the same as they are for any other use of our building. However, please note that PPMCC NEVER turns away anyone in need of a funeral or memorial service, regardless of their ability to pay. Pastor Alycia has done funerals when no honorarium was paid, and our building has been used many times for little or no cost. If you need to have the fees adjusted to meet your needs, simply discuss that with Pastor Alycia, and be assured that everything will be taken care of. Our primary concern is that your loved one is laid to rest in a sacred way that honors and celebrates his or her life.

Finally, know that if you are reading this page, you are in our prayers. All those in need of the services of our congregation in times of grief are precious to us. We are grateful that we can be here to show you the love of God in a time when your heart is breaking. May God bless you.

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