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Pikes Peak Metropolitan Community Church practices baptism as an important step in the life of a Christian. Just as Jesus was baptized, so also are the members of our congregation. We recognize baptism as the outward and visible sign of an inward and spiritual reality. It is a commitment to God, to the church, and to one’s own spiritual life.

At PPMCC, we practice both infant and adult baptism. Recognizing that people have both different reasons for baptism and different theological beliefs about it, we seek to be open to all those interpretations. We will not prescribe what your baptism must mean, look like, or who should attend. We simply—yet deeply—believe in the importance of baptism and want to be there to assist you as you or your child undergo this sacred ritual.

To schedule a baptism, you should first speak with our Pastor and make appropriate plans. To do so, simply call the church office during regular business hours, or email the church office.

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