Sound Team

Sound Team

 Contact Ministry Leader: AJ Cornett

What is the Sound Team?

Our Sound Team performs a very vital function at PPMCC by providing sound for the worship services every Sunday and on special occasions throughout the year. We manage the sound levels for the Praise Band, the cordless microphones and the choir. Without the Sound Team, there would be no sound!


What’s the Commitment for the Sound Team?

The Sound Team would like to welcome anyone who is interested in learning the sound board. We have a training program that we feel educates you to do a great job and feel comfortable running a Sunday morning service on your own.

Currently, the time commitment for the Sound Team includes running the sound board for a church service once a month. Volunteers are requested for any special  events, so if you want more time on the board, just sign up to volunteer for a Christmas service or another special event.

The Sound Team is trying to become more active by having lunches with each other at least once a quarter. This allows us to have a greater sense of fellowship and community among our members.

What’s important about Sound?

The most important thing to remember about the Sound Team is that we are a family within the church family. We have a network of sound members that are here to support each other, and through our ministry we work to make the Sunday morning service sound great—which means no one notices us, but instead, they are simply able to focus on worshipping God!